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Custom Lapel Pins - Order Begins From 1 Piece

Custom lapel pins are an economical way to promote business and a unique and practical souvenir for conventions and events. Custom pins have many categories, as below listed:

Custom Soft Enamel lapel Pins

As one of the most favored custom pin styles, soft enamel lapel pins has the features of unique bumpy feelings and vivid colors. The raised metal and recessed color areas making it really stand out among a pile of custom lapel pins. Custom soft enamel pins-affordability combines with value.

Cloisonné Lapel Pins

Also called hard enamel pins, it has smooth surface and a jewelry quality. Compared with soft enamel lapel pins, price of hard enamel pins is higher, yet it has higher perceived value and much suitable for ungraded gatherings.

Antique Lapel Pins

A light tone of metal is applied to the raised metal of custom lapel pins, while the recessed part remains unpolished. This antique lapel pin, having both the elements of modern and old, is popular among vintage lovers.

Baseball Trading Pins

Baseball trading pins are one thing that any baseball teams or baseball lovers can’t ignore. Typically, baseball pins can be divided into soft enamel trading pins and offset printed baseball pins. Both of them are great ways to spread the reputation of baseball teams and show support for baseball.

Sandblast Lapel Pins

Sandblast pins are a kind of custom metal pins without any colors on it. It has a polished and raised metal surface with matte or textured recessed area. Various finishes are available for sandblast lapel pins, like the gold and silver finishes. Using sandblast pins to customize your organization’s logo-classic and elegant.

3D/Cut out Lapel Pins

Compared with die stuck pins, this pin has a 3 dimensional feeling, which might being perceived more exquisite in some people’s eyes. It is most suitable for designs with intricate outer shapes.

Offset Printed Pins

For people who want a replica of their designs, they can buy offset printed pins without hesitation. Offset printed pins are able to print the designs directly onto the pins’ surfaces, meaning there is no altering of your intended designs. Offset printed pins- best at preserving details.

Custom Lapel Pins No Minimum Order

Placing an order for custom lapel pins is easy until you are trapped with the order quantity. You could find that most lapel pin manufacturers on the Internet have this requirement such as 100pcs minimum. Doesn’t it give you a headache if you only want several pins, like 10 pins or 20 pins?

Being bothered by this ultimate dilemma for so long, you may already started to wonder how does the minimum requirement  come out and how to find one lapel pins maker that has no such request and trustable as well? Read on to find out the answer!

How Does the minimum requirement come out?

Whether it is a big order or small order, there are some unavoidable costs and this is the main cause of the minimum principle.  

Unavoidable 1: Cost for Making a New Mold

Every time lapel pin makers receive a new order, they have to create a new mold whether the order quantity is 1 pin or 1,000 pins. And the mold fee is not a fixed number. It changes according to the order quantity and the mold design. As a rule of thumb, the more you order and the simpler your design is, the cheaper the mold fee becomes.

Generally speaking, you can reduce the mold fee by ordering more pins, but the mold fee cannot be avoided at last.

Unavoidable 2: Cost for drawing a design

Customers get tailored design proofs for the orders they place.  The cost for the time and effort the design staffs paid to the design drawing process is fell upon the customers’ heads.  So the design fee also attribute to the unavoidable minimum rule.

Unavoidable 3: Cost for Shipping

Most suppliers have to import the raw materials and parts from other countries, which leads to the charge for shipping fee. Unlike mold fee, the freight fee for 1 pin or more pins is almost the same. The number of freight fee largely dependent on the express companies the lapel pin manufactures choose to use.

In conclusion, theses three basic costs always exist even you order 1 pin from a lapel pins supplier.

The reason why the suppliers encourage customers to order more quantity is that the price for 1 pin must be higher than the price for more pins.

The more your quantity is, the cheaper the price will be !


So the question now is how to find the right pin manufacturer who offers custom lapel pins no minimum?

Here we provide some inspiriting tips to help you find the right supplier.

1.Does the price a fair one?

Price is a huge factor when we consider where to buy lapel pins. Typically, most pin suppliers will charge you $120-$220 for 100pcs hard or soft enamel pins (1-2 inch).

However, for orders with complicated designs and specific requirements, it is understandable that the prices will be higher. 

Price and quality are two priorities you need to take into consideration before placing an order. 

You now know the fair price of lapel pins, how to determine the pin quality of a lapel pin supplier. That’s simple, just looking at the customers’ reviews.

2.Does it respond to customers’ reviews?

Many pin companies have the comment section to put customers’ reviews of the companies. This info is 100% trustable because it cannot be edit or delete. Once being published.

So looking for this review section if you want to figure out the quality and service of a lapel pin maker. Pro tips: Pay attention to reviews about the description of lapel pin itself like how does the pin look like and is the design satisfying; A responsible pin supplier will respond to customers’ reviews, especially the negative ones. 

Looking at the responses made by the suppliers. Is it convincing or not?


Here are another reference you can look for- the pin gallery of a company’s online website. You can get some pin ideas from the gallery as well as determining whether the style of the company is what you want or not. 

Simply click “see more” and you can dive in to find more custom lapel pin designs.

3.Does it have an Automated Quotation System?

We are living in an age that cherishes time and efficiency. A qualified lapel pin maker should catch up with this instant age and install the Automated Quotation System to benefit customers.

With this online order system, for anyone who wants to Place An Order Using The Automated Quatation system.

he or she can just fill in the requirements step by step and submit the inquiry. Within 24 hours, the pin supplier will respond to their inquiries, be it asking for further details or sending proofs.

Automated Quatation system

4.Does it charge Less or No Mold Fee / Design Fee

As what we have mentioned above, most companies charge mold fee. Under this circumstance, go looking for a company that charges less or even charges no mold and design fee.

The reason why in some lapel pins companies the mold and design fee are less or not charged is that the Pin suppliers add them to the unit price of custom pins. In this way, the customers could save a lot for small quantity order.

5.Does the Delivery Time a satisfying one?

Looking for pin makers that have fast turnaround time if you don’t have enough time. Typically, a rush order of offset printed pins only cost you a week’s waiting time.

Some companies even offer you discount according to the delivery time. So if you have enough patience and time, try these companies with discount related to delivery time.


Custom lapel pins, as its name implies, is a lapel pin supplier. Together with its parent company, GS-JJ.COM, it aims to provide customer products with unbeatable quality and highly competitive prices, as well as on-time delivery. We also have another division website: EnamelPins.com, This website only for lapel pins and custom enamel pins.

As a lapel pin maker that have been in the pin industry for over 20 years, we promise to produce every pin with the same concentration, expertise and patience, be it 1 pins or 10,000 pins.

So, get your hands on one of the most trendy and exquisite lapel pin designs from custom lapel pins today!

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